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Squid ink for dental cleaning?

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No one enjoys having a dentist poke around their mouth looking for gum disease but it is a necessary part of dental health.

An nano-engineer in San Diego said he may have a fix for that problem which involves “imaging gums after patients swish around a mouthful of squid ink.” Squid ink?

Yes, squid ink. After a patient swishes the squid ink, an ultrasound is used to identify pressure differences in the gum pockets.  There are clinical trials planned for humans in the near future.

Dental startup for straightening teeth

We never cease to be amazed at the innovations all fields experience with technology.  Candid, a dental startup, offers FDA-approved aligners for patients who need mild orthodontic work.

Candid sends a kit to take impression of teeth at home so the patient never sees an orthodontist. When the impression is sent in, the impressions are reviewed by an orthodontist to determine if Candid can meet the need.

If the 3D model looks good, Candid makes the aligner and ships it back to the patient.

It’s definitely an interesting concept and one to watch!

What is a dental extraction?

There are two main types of dental extractions – simple and surgical.  A simple one involves removing teeth that are easily seen and the dentist can reach without any issues.  In many cases, a local anesthetic is use to reduce any discomfort.

The surgical one is when an incision is required to get access to the teeth to remove. This can occur when a tooth has not fully formed beyond the gum line or fractured below the gum line. For this procedure, general anesthesia is frequently used and may be done in a hospital setting.

Naturally, your dentist will do a simple extraction when it is possible. They are easier to do and have fewer negative effects but sometimes the more complicated one is needed for the best dental health moving forward.