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Do you have bad breath?

Sometimes people (unfortunately) don’t even know that they have bad breath.

External causes can be specific foods, such as spices or of course, smoking. It may also result from having a dry mouth, dentures, or sinus issues.

To prevent it, use a tongue brush or scraper in addition to your floss and brushing. If you are concerned about this, mention it to your Summerville dentist at your next appointment to find out if there may be another cause.

Here’s why you should not avoid the dentist

“[Dental] phobia can have a major impact on a person’s quality of life, including on their physiological, psychological, social and emotional well-being”.

This study from the U.K. was recently covered in the Huffington Post. People who continually avoid the dentist have multiple health problems as a result. Oral disease can impact things, such as the ability eat and drink, which can have a negative impact on overall quality of life.

A key to lessening that anxiety is good dental care at home to minimize any discomfort during a visit.  And those two visits a year catch problems early on.