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Halloween – not the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s almost here again – Halloween!  That time of the year when dentists cringe just a bit.  But we know how much kids – and adults – love their sweets so consider the below tips before digging into your treats.Image result for halloween candy

  • Chocolate: Eating chocolate is a “better” choice. This is relief to many because chocolate comes off your teeth easier than some other kinds of sweets.
  • Hard candy: Be careful with this one if you tend to chomp down. You could break your teeth.
  • Sour candy: Do you pucker up with sour candy? The acidity from these can weaken the outer shell of your teeth, making you prone to cavities.

Whichever type of candy you choose, make sure you brush afterwards and have dental floss handy for the types of candy that get stuck easily in your teeth.




Caring for your little one’s teeth

Your kids go through a lot of changes in the early years, which Image result for baby teethinclude dental health. Below are two tips to help parents during the earliest years.

  • Baby bottle tooth decay is a problem for the little ones when drinks like juice are given at bedtime. It’s best to not have your baby use a bottle while sleeping.
  • Many babies and toddlers suck on their thumb as a reflex, but it’s not something you want them to do after age 4. Once their permanent teeth have come in, thumb sucking can cause them to become crooked.

It’s never too early to start good dental habits.