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Severe Tooth Pain

Image result for dental humorThe cause of dental pain is not always clear. If it comes on quickly, it could be pieces of food that were stuck in a cavity and irritating the nerve in the tooth.  Losing a filling or crown may expose a nerve in the tooth which result in pain with hot or cold.

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Teething Pains

Pacifier, Baby'S Dummy, Teething Ring, SootherAs much as new parents love seeing a baby’s first tooth, it can bring some teething pain which can be managed with some home remedies.

Try these four tips if your baby experiences teething pain.

  • Gently massage the gums.
  • Hold a chilled washcloth against your baby’s mouth.
  • Use a topical gel (but avoid benzocaine).
  • Use a teething ring.

And consider taking your child to the dentist as earli as the age of one.