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Warning signs of gum disease

We support prevention – not paranoia!  And one of the many things we want to prevent is gum disease.  Below are some general warning signs to watch for.

  • Gums that are tender or swollen
  • Bleeding gums while brushing
  • Eating hard food
  • Gums that are receding
  • Any sores instead the mouth

If you see any of these things the next time your brush or have concerns, please bring it up at the next appointment with your Summerville dentist.

Squid ink for dental cleaning?

Image result for squid

No one enjoys having a dentist poke around their mouth looking for gum disease but it is a necessary part of dental health.

An nano-engineer in San Diego said he may have a fix for that problem which involves “imaging gums after patients swish around a mouthful of squid ink.” Squid ink?

Yes, squid ink. After a patient swishes the squid ink, an ultrasound is used to identify pressure differences in the gum pockets.  There are clinical trials planned for humans in the near future.

Detect Dental Disease with Gum

Scientists developed a chewing gum that might help detect oral infections which is beneficial for people who have limited Image result for chewing gumsymptoms. Since the tongue is sensitive to taste, the gum capitalizes on that. If there are disease enzymes present, the gum will result in a bitter flavor after chewing.

It’s presented as a screening tool for people to self test their health.  Although it’s still in progress, since so many people have gum disease, this could result in a significant cost savings measure in the future. Although none of these innovations replace a regular visit to your Summerville dentist.