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Hate flossing your teeth?

Yflossing-gadget-blizzidentou’re not the only one! Many people tend to skip this step in their dental routine.

What if you could floss your teeth all at once? With Blizzident’s customized 3D-Flosser, that seems to be a possibility.

Blizzident’s goal is to use a scan for an individual’s mouth and cover it in the right places with dental floss.  With the device, patients could close their mouth around it and floss every gap in their teeth at once.

Let us know if you give it a try!  Like all dental offices, we support anything that gets patients to floss regularly.

Dentists Find Tooth Root Pulp Can Become an Alternative Source of Stem Cells

We saw this headline recently on Futurism.com.

A team of dentists and scientists from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas has found a rich new source of stem cells. Tooth root pulps, they discovered, were home to both pluripotent and multipotent cells. The team also developed a way to extract them without damaging the cells.

Since extracting teeth is not an uncommon procedure, it’s interesting to learn about the possibilities with the tooth root pulps. We’ll see what this means for medical treatment in the future.

Robot performs dental surgery on first patient

The world’s first autonomous dental implant robot was put into use in a operation on Saturday in Xi'an City, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province.
The world’s first autonomous dental implant robot used in a operation China’s . (CCTV+ VIA YOUTUBE)

What?!?  That was our reaction to these news clip.

We all know that times are changing and we’ve heard different scenarios where our jobs will be placed by robots, and there are parts of our work that will be automated in many fields.

In this scenario, someone in China had oral surgery performed solely by a robot.  Fortunately humans were in the room for the procedure, but it still seems a bit scary to us.  It’s amazing what can do with technology!

Dental startup for straightening teeth

We never cease to be amazed at the innovations all fields experience with technology.  Candid, a dental startup, offers FDA-approved aligners for patients who need mild orthodontic work.

Candid sends a kit to take impression of teeth at home so the patient never sees an orthodontist. When the impression is sent in, the impressions are reviewed by an orthodontist to determine if Candid can meet the need.

If the 3D model looks good, Candid makes the aligner and ships it back to the patient.

It’s definitely an interesting concept and one to watch!