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Dentists Find Tooth Root Pulp Can Become an Alternative Source of Stem Cells

We saw this headline recently on Futurism.com.

A team of dentists and scientists from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas has found a rich new source of stem cells. Tooth root pulps, they discovered, were home to both pluripotent and multipotent cells. The team also developed a way to extract them without damaging the cells.

Since extracting teeth is not an uncommon procedure, it’s interesting to learn about the possibilities with the tooth root pulps. We’ll see what this means for medical treatment in the future.

Do you use your kid’s toothpaste?

Do you reach for your kid’s toothpaste in the morning – the one with the bubble gum flavor?  You may want to reconsider that.

Many toothpastes developed for kids have a lower content of fluoride than regular toothpaste. The rationale is that kids occasionally swallow toothpaste while brushing, which can be harmful with too much fluoride.

As an adult, you need more fluoride than kids because of the wear and tear that comes as we get older.  So it’s okay to grab your kid’s toothpaste if you’re in a jam, but don’t make it into a habit. Make sure you have regular toothpaste in the house.