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Back to sports

Image result for child sportsBack to school also means back to sports for a lot of kids.

If your child is participating in a sport, you want to make sure they  have the proper gear to stay safe.  This means helmets and mouth guards for contact sports, such as football. Talk to your dentist about custom mouth guards and ask your child’s coach about helmet use. Safety is a priority!

Antibacterial Silicone Toothbrushes


Two brands recently came out with silicone toothbrushes that have antibacterial properties and bristles that are gentle on the teeth.  Since the silicone bristles are nonporous, they carry less bacteria than the standard toothbrush.  And softer bristles are needed by people who tend to brush too hard.

Professionals say there is still more research needed on how well they remove plaque since that’s as important as removing bacteria.

We agree with the experts in the article that an electric toothbrush is generally the best way to go for most people.  But because this is more ergonomic than most toothbrushes, it could be a good option for people who have difficulty holding a brush.


Detect Dental Disease with Gum

Scientists developed a chewing gum that might help detect oral infections which is beneficial for people who have limited Image result for chewing gumsymptoms. Since the tongue is sensitive to taste, the gum capitalizes on that. If there are disease enzymes present, the gum will result in a bitter flavor after chewing.

It’s presented as a screening tool for people to self test their health.  Although it’s still in progress, since so many people have gum disease, this could result in a significant cost savings measure in the future. Although none of these innovations replace a regular visit to your Summerville dentist.