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Should you improve your smile with veneers?

Image result for white teethYou know that look – the perfect Hollywood smile with white, straight teeth. Dental veneers are commonly requested by patients seeking that “perfect” smile.

It’s true that veneers can benefit people with stained or misaligned teeth. It’s also helpful when there are gaps between teeth or cracks.

Getting veneers is a permanent treatment that occurs over several steps. Removing a small amount of enamel prepares the tooth to receive the veneer and prevent the smile from a “bulky” look.

Next, impressions are made and sent to a lab that creates the veneers for a specific patient.  During this time, the patient has a temporary shells to protect the teeth.

Once the new veneers are in, the patient has the temporary shells removed and the new ones are attached.

Although this is a permanent process, there is still care required.  New decay is still possible and the veneers can chip if chewing on hard objects.  If you decide to have them done, make sure you understand how to properly care for them.