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Get Rid of Red Wine Stains on Teeth

kelsey-knight-449204-unsplashEnjoy that glass of red wine at the end of the day, but not the stain on your teeth? You are not alone.  Long term discoloration is not attractive and can make people feel insecure about their smiles.


One thing that helps prevent these stains is swishing water in your mouth before and after drinking a class of red wine. This keeps red wine stains from clinging to your teeth. If you are in a social situation where it would be awkward to swish water, drink water in between glasses of wine.

Assuming you are at event where food is served, eating high fiber foods like broccoli and celery or even hard cheese can help brush away stains before they set in.

If you have stains that have settled in to your teeth, ask your Summerville dentist about whitening during your next visit.

The Latest Request in Cosmetic Dentistry

long black haired woman smiling close-up photography
Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

Going to the hair salon with a picture of a celebrity is nothing new. Women – and men – see someone with the style they want and show the stylist the look they seek.

There’s a similar trend in the cosmetic dentistry world – a smile like Meghan Markle’s. When people see another person go through a transformation, they are more inclined to take that step for themselves. Pearly whites that appear natural are attractive on everyone, including Markle, as opposed to a pure block of white from the top to the bottom of the teeth.

It’s okay to bring in a picture or reference your favorite celebrity when you see a dentist for cosmetic reasons. Realize that you may think you’re responding to that perfect smile, but there could be something else about a picture that stands out to you. Your dentist can use that as a starting point and design a treatment that is right for you.

Need a Same Day Crown?

Traditional, crowns require two visits to a dentist. The first visit is for a tooth impression and the second is to apply the crown after it is created in a lab. But with advances in technology, some dentists are now able to create same day crowns.

First, a small camera is used to take a picture of the tooth, then a computer creates a ceramic crown that is customized for your tooth. With this procedure, the waiting time in between appointments is eliminated and is generally preferred by patients who may feel anxious about the procedure.

When the complete treatment happens in one visit, patients do not need to schedule an additional appointment and have the assurance that the procedure is just as good as crowns made traditionally.

The Waterpik Sonic-Fusion

We are fans of anything that helps our patients keep their teeth clean and healthy in between regular visits to our Summerville office and the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion seems to be one of those tools for good dental health.

Removing plaque needs to be a priority for everyone, but can be tough to remove without the right brush.

The Sonic-Fusion offers a water flosser tip in the brush head and allow the user to select flossing, brushing, or both. It also has the ADA Seal of approval.  With it’s easy grip and two minute timer, it’s an option to consider for at-home care.