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What is a Dental Implant Restoration?

Dental implants are meant to be a permanent replacement for teeth and have a high success rate.

Once an implant is attached to the bone, it becomes a new “root” for the crown. The crown fills in the space in your mouth from a missing tooth.

Caring for an implant is the same as caring for your natural teeth. However, there are situations where patients have a problem with the implant, where it comes loose or is chipped and an implant restoration is needed.

If you are concerned about an implant, schedule an appointment with your Summerville dentist who will determine if an implant restoration is needed.

Do I Need Sedation at the Dentist?

Many people feel anxious about going to the dentist. Sometime it is the noise of the machines that are enough to make people feel nervous. Sedation dentistry uses a combination of methods, “laughing gas” as one example, to help patients feel calm.

Some medical conditions, such as cardiac diseases or respiratory problems, may require clearance from your physician before sedation is used during a dental appointment.

Techniques used when people feel any anxiety, such as deep breathing, are equally helpful with dental anxiety — without the side effects. Other patients have found that receiving acupuncture before the appointment can help with nerves. There’s no one right answer for everyone’s anxiety so talk about sedation with your family practitioner as well as your dental provider if you are concerned.

Potential Problems With a Dental Crown

Image result for dental crownsFor many patients, getting a dental crown is a straightforward process. However, there are potential problems that could come up that you should be aware of.

    • Heat/Cold sensitivity: When the anesthesia wears off, there could be sensitivity in that area. Ask your Summerville dentist if a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth could alleviate that.
    • Crown is loose: If this does happen and is untreated, there might be decay to the tooth under the crown. Visit your dentist as soon as you can.
    • Crown falls off: While your dentist can offer a permanent solution, you can put it in place temporarily with an over the counter adhesive

If you have any other concerns about your new dental crown, get in touch with your dentist.