Celebrities who have benefited from cosmetic dentistry

It is not only us regular folks who use cosmetic dentistry to improve a smile or boost self-esteem. Celebrities who didn’t have great teeth have seen a change in their career trajectory after receiving cosmetic dentistry services.

George Clooney credits part of his appeal to his cosmetic dentist. Because he has ground his teeth in stress, he opted to have replacement teeth. After the filming “Facts of Life”, George had a new set of veneers on his teeth which we see today in photos of his exuberant smile.

An era-defining fashion icon, former member of Spice Girls and wife of David Beckham, Victoria Beckham wasn’t blessed in the dental department. In the early days of her journey, her teeth had wide gaps and uneven spacing and when the Spice Girls rose to prominence, she had her teeth straightened. Afterward, she was awarded more elite modeling contracts.

Jim Carrey, adored for his slapstick comedic mannerisms and starring role in “Pet Detective,” “Ace Ventura” and several other films, had a chipped tooth which we saw in “Dumb and Dumber.”

Morgan Freeman’s teeth yellowed as he aged. He decided to whiten his teeth and fixed his gap in the middle. As a result, he looked younger and landed big movie roles.

The man with dashing looks, Ben Affleck, knows how to showcase a mesmerizing smile. But his teeth backstory wasn’t exactly glamorous, he had buck teeth which made him look unusual in his teenage years. Until reaching his 30s, he opted to fix his buck teeth through several cosmetic dentistry appointments resulting in his pearly whites. Perhaps his new dental glamour helped him land movie roles such as “Batman vs. Superman.”

Lastly, actress and singer Hilary Duff had less-than-top notch teeth when she was a child Disney star and didn’t fix them until her career transition to singing in 2009. During one of her performances, she chipped her tooth on the microphone and instead of getting the chip fixed, she installed a new set of veneers.

Maybe it helps to know that the celebrities that seem to have it all were not necessarily born that way. They too had some help from their cosmetic dentist.

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