Does your child need braces?

Image result for dental kid bracesOf course, only your Summerville dentist knows for sure, but there are some things parents can watch out for.  Younger kids, aged 7-10, may need orthodontic treatment if they’ve been sucking their thumbs for a while or have upper teeth that stick out a bit.

Even if those things are not issues, notice if your child has an under-bite – when lower teeth site in front of the upper teeth – or an overbite which is the reverse problem.  Neither of these things are uncommon and can be treated.

Other problems are when children have trouble chewing or their jaws shift when they chew. These can present themselves in the form of headaches.

If braces are needed, your child may need to wear them for a year or two, but it will vary by individual needs.  Be sure to visit the dentist every six months so potential problems are caught early.



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