Get Rid of Red Wine Stains on Teeth

kelsey-knight-449204-unsplashEnjoy that glass of red wine at the end of the day, but not the stain on your teeth? You are not alone.  Long term discoloration is not attractive and can make people feel insecure about their smiles.


One thing that helps prevent these stains is swishing water in your mouth before and after drinking a class of red wine. This keeps red wine stains from clinging to your teeth. If you are in a social situation where it would be awkward to swish water, drink water in between glasses of wine.

Assuming you are at event where food is served, eating high fiber foods like broccoli and celery or even hard cheese can help brush away stains before they set in.

If you have stains that have settled in to your teeth, ask your Summerville dentist about whitening during your next visit.

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