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Milk & Yogurt for Dental Health

Image result for milk yogurtIn an earlier post, we mentioned the benefits of protein in calcium from cheese or natural yogurt for strengthening tooth enamel. A serving of 3.4 oz of dairy can also drop periodontitis rates by 4%.  (Maybe milk really does a body good.)

Many people already consume this amount on a daily basis which can help with prevention of gum disease.  But we realize there are others who swear off dairy as a vegan, who are lactose intolerant or perhaps due to concern about fat content.

We encourage all our patients to eat a balanced diet that gives them the fuel they need to feel their very best. Although nutrition is not practiced the same by everyone, this research may be good news for those who incorporate dairy into their diets.

Green Tea May Be Good For Your Teeth

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You’ve likely heard of some potential benefits of green tea, such as heart health, bone health, protection against memory loss or free radical damage. It could also be good for your teeth.

The catechins (an antioxidant) and natural fluoride in green tea inhibits the bacteria and acid responsible for tooth decay. Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease and catechin may interfere with the inflammatory response to bacteria while also promoting healthy teeth and gums.

Like most findings, more research is needed, but it does sound like unsweetened tea can be good for you in more than one way.

A Sense of Humor is Good for your Teeth

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Well, maybe not directly. But humor is good for us.

In Humor, Comedy, and Consumer Behavior by Warren, Barsky, and McGraw, they discuss how humor helps people reach their goals and impacts life experiences.

People who appreciate humor will find that positive experiences become more pleasant and negative experiences, such as going for dental work, are less unpleasant.

The next time you see your Summerville dentist, you can give this a try. Perhaps watch a funny movie the night before or bring a book with jokes in the waiting room. That’s one technique to try that does not have negative side effects.



Brush Your Teeth to Stop Snacking

We love this image. Can anyone relate?funny-kid-bathroom-brushing-teeth

It is a good message.  If you are trying to cut down on snacking at night, brushing your teeth after dinner can help create good habits.

Especially if you have a routine where you use dental floss and an electronic toothbrush to reach those tough spots.  Once you finish your routine, it’s a signal to yourself that you are done eating for the night.

Not only will good dental hygiene habits minimize extra trips to your Summerville dentist, but it also keeps your waistline in check!