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Dental Health During Pregnancy

Photo by Paul Lin on UnsplashIf you’re pregnant, the care of your teeth is understandably not your first priority. But did you know the hormones that impact you during pregnancy also impact the health of your teeth?

Pregnant women may find themselves more susceptible to gingivitis and periodontitis . The hormones from pregnancy make pregnant women more likely to have trouble with oral health as the body responds differently to bacteria.

Dental problems can also impact a developing baby. Research has shown a connection between gum disease in women who are pregnant and premature birth weight.

Routine dental care is absolutely safe for pregnant women so dentists discourage waiting until after delivery. If it’s been a while since your last appointment, call us at 843-873-1646 to schedule a visit at Pineland Dental in Summerville.

Restore Your Smile with Implants

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

It’s possible to lose your teeth through accidents or disease, and in some cases, permanent teeth may never come in. As a result, there are clear cosmetic reasons that drive patients to seek dental care. But it is also possible to lose bone in that area if a patient waits too long to seek dental treatment. Space caused by a missing tooth can result in a shift in remaining teeth and chewing may become an issue.

The best option to fill that gap is an implant that lasts long term with proper care – especially since it won’t decay like our natural teeth can.  The success rate of dental implants has been reported in scientific literature as 98 percent.

Like most dental procedures, it’s not fun for patients but is not as painful as some may assume. Patients are sedated or under local anesthetic for the procedure.  While patients heal from the procedure, they may be given a removable partial denture for daytime use.

Lacking confidence about your smile due to missing teeth or concerned about long term issues because of it? Talk to your Summerville dentist about the possibility of filling the space with an implant.

Your Chair May Soon Know If You’re Scared

An empty leather chair in a dentist office
Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash

Feel nervous at the mere thought of going to the dentist? Does the anxiety increase once you arrive and take a seat in the chair? You’re not alone.  Some places offer pet therapy and patients may learn CBT to help alleviate their fears.

Dentists at Columbia University’s Center for Precision Dental Medicine want to address this problem with a high-tech dental chair.

An RFID-enabled wristband identifies patients and tracks practitioners as well as the equipment. Rather than holding your hand up to the dentist when you experience pain, data immediately lets your dentist or hygienist know that you are uncomfortable. Procedures can also be recorded for later analysis.

The goal is not to only reduce the stress of the visit but to standardize procedures. Data allows the dentist to better link dental health with overall health, providing opportunity for early detection of disease.

Research is still underway, but perhaps the day will come when this is common practice.