Holistic Dentistry: Help or Hype?

Holistic means taking into consideration the mental and social factors, and not just the symptoms of a disease, to treat the person as a whole. Holistic dentistry includes practices that can be undertaken at home.

There are several ways in which some companies coax people into buying products that are not scientifically tested or that they don’t have a scientific basis. And yet they are famous. Some of such trends include charcoal cleansing, oil pulling, and fluoride-free toothpaste.

Charcoal Cleansing:

Rooting up due to the thinking that some restorative materials contain toxic particles, charcoal cleansing is one of the top listed holistic dental trends. Charcoal cleansing is the use of activated charcoal for whitening teeth. Charcoal is carbon particles that have been activated to absorb stains and toxins, resulting in teeth whitening. Or, that is what they claim.

Many people are encouraged by different advertising companies to buy these over the counter available products so that they can have a pearly white and stainless smile at home, without visiting the dentist.

Charcoal cleansing is done with creams, toothpaste, powders, mouthwashes, and whitening trays, etc. While some dentists have been reported to suggest these, the ratio is not high.

Many of these products are just ways of good marketing to get massive customer traffic.

These charcoal products can be applied with a toothbrush on the teeth the same way toothpaste is, and it is said that they remove stains and make teeth sparkle.

Professional dentists and dental scientists think that charcoal, a material abrasive in nature, can cause damage to the enamel and, therefore, cause more harm than benefit in the long term.

Oil Pulling:

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic practice from the Asian subcontinent, which people are becoming more familiar with today.

Oil-pulling is as simple as taking one spoonful of good quality oil, such as coconut oil, and swishing it around in the mouth for about 10 minutes. Oil, a detoxifying agent, pulls toxins out of the oral mucosa and prohibits them from entering the body through means of throat and pharynx.

This practice, done in the morning before drinking water, delivers the best results, according to holistic dental care users. The users also claim oil pulling to have whitened their teeth, remove plaque, and combat gum disease.

Although some dentists think that this technique is useful for oral hygiene, many believe that similar results are achieved with the use of sugar-free chewing gums and whitening mouthwashes, where the time and energy consumed are less.

Fluoride-Free Toothpaste:

A big dispute between those who are concerned about the side effects of fluoride and dental professionals is whether fluoride should be in toothpaste or not.

Many people concerned with health are hesitant to use fluoride toothpaste, although they have proven to be natural to the human body and protects teeth from decay.

When people choose a toothpaste or dentifrice that lacks fluoride, they intentionally expose their teeth to decay and cavities.

The use of fluoride-free toothpaste freshens up breath and gives zero protection from decay.

In the end, the choice to make is, of course, yours. But it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the different perspectives and trends and not just climbing on to the bandwagon of holistic dental care. If you have questions, we encourage you to bring them up at your next appointment with our Summerville dental practice.

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