Crowns and Bridges


When a tooth has experienced heavy decay, or a portion of the tooth has broken off, a Crown may be the the most appropriate way to save the tooth. A crown is essentially a fabricated tooth, made from either gold or ceramic material, that fits over the remainder of the problematic tooth.

The system we use is the CEREC crown milling method and can be made in our office in one visit.

In general, gold or metal crowns are used in cases when strength is the primary concern. For instances where aesthetics are more important, like at the front of the mouth, a ceramic or porcelain crown is used.


Unfortunately sometimes we lose teeth, either through decay or injury. Sometimes the best way to address missing teeth is with a Bridge. Essentially, a bridge is a prosthetic tooth attached to the two teeth on either side. It is important to replace missing teeth because gaps often cause other teeth to shift, introducing other problematic conditions such as the collection of plaque, and decay. Missing teeth can also be detrimental to your appearance, possibly impacting your personal or professional life.

Much like crowns, bridges are usually done in two appointments. In the first appointment, the teeth on either side of the gap are shaped to make room for the bridge. Following an impression, a temporary bridge is put in place, completing the first appointment. A technician uses the impression to craft a bridge that will fit the patient just right. At the second appointment the temporary bridge is removed, and the real bridge is cemented in place.

If you’re missing a tooth, call us today at +1 (843) 873-1646 and ask us if a bridge is right for you

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