Unusual Celebrity Dental Work

Image by Dong~~~~ Kim from Pixabay


Back in 2015, when Johnny Depp came to the screening of a film, he wore gold dental caps. These were allegedly the same ones he wore when playing Captain Jack Sparrow. To add to that, he had a reddish-orange tinge on one lateral incisor.

The actor also got a pair of fake teeth for the filming of the movie Murder on the Orient Express.


The famous singer wears a gold grill. According to her, she wears it only when it enhances her outfit and finds it fun to wear.  


One of the weirdest dental treatments was sought out by Charlie Sheen, the former Two and a Half Men star. He got a gold tooth in 2010, while he was filming the TV show and had to hide it. According to him, “I don’t care. It’s the other people that have the problem with it.” The gold crown was rumored to have been placed to conceal the deterioration of the tooth after misuse of alcohol and drugs.


Tom Cruise appears to have a fantastic smile which may be from veneers, crowns and root canals to make his teeth look pearly white. It is not apparent to a layperson, but Cruise has an extreme mid-line shift due to his harsh and oft dental treatments. This is known as “monotooth,” but it is more of a mid-line change where his teeth are not coinciding with the facial aesthetic line and are off-center.


Many rappers have fashioned their teeth with the infamous teeth grills. Below are some celebrities with this weird and extreme dental treatment as follows:

1.    Rihanna has a grill, with a piercing alongside!

2.    Chris Brown.

3.    Kelis.

4.    A$AP Rocky.

5.    Nelly.

6.    Beyonce.

7.    Snoop Dogg has a diamond tooth grill. He wears 5 carats of canary diamonds gold grill.

8.    Lil Wayne has a teeth grill that is diamond-encrusted.

9.    P Diddy.

10.    Kanye West.

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