What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Cosmetic dentistry addresses the overall aesthetics of your teeth. For example, if that discolored tooth has been troubling you or if your teeth are not straight, consider a cosmetic dentistry procedure, which may include the below.

Teeth whitening/ bleaching: Discolored teeth can be bleached by in-office bleaching at Pineland Family Dental or done at home with whitening strips, gels and toothpastes. However, in office bleaching gives intense and longer lasting effects compared to at-home bleaching methods.

Dental veneers/ laminates: Not all cases of discoloration can be treated by bleaching and here is where laminates come in. These wafer like coatings are custom made for each tooth and then bonded to them.

Enameloplasty: Sometimes the reshaping of tooth is done by re-contouring the outermost layer of your tooth which is the enamel. It’s a simple and non-invasive procedure which is used to change the length, shape and size of a tooth.

Gum surgery: If your gums are very prominent in your smile, gum surgery is the solution. It reshapes the gums to provide a better and aesthetic smile line.

Composite bonding: Gaps between teeth can be closed with help of composites which are tooth colored, plastic like material that hard-set on exposure to ultraviolet light. They are also popular as filling material in front teeth and the back, so that they are not visible when you eat or talk unlike silver amalgam fillings which are not only visible but also tarnish with time.

Implants: These are typically screw-like structures made of titanium metal and used for a variety of purposes; most commonly for replacing a single tooth, or multiple teeth, without disturbing the remaining ones. They also support complete or partial dentures so as to avoid any discomfort associated with conventional dentures, like getting displaced while eating or speaking.

Inlays and onlays: Also known as indirect restorations, these are done in an extensively damaged tooth where a typical filling is not sufficient to provide the strength needed for mastication. Inlays are smaller in size and lie within the central area of teeth whereas onlays may cover one or more of the masticatory surface of tooth.

We at Pineland Family Dental, provide you expert opinion based on the comprehensive oral examination done by our dentists, keeping in mind your budget and convenience.


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