What to know about Teeth Whitening

You’ve seen pictures of people with perfectly white teeth and would like to achieve the same results. Before you run out to purchase the latest kit, there are a few considerations.

It may be that you are simply due for a professional cleaning with your dentist to restore some of the whiteness for your teeth. While you’re getting your regular cleaning, ask their recommendation on how to safely whiten at home.

If you do use a home kit, make sure you follow the directions. Most of them will have you use strips for up to 30 minutes. If you use it longer than the recommended time you may have some gum inflammation. There could also be some tooth sensitivity with various whitening products. If that does happen, don’t suffer through it. Stop using the treatment and talk to your dentist about other options.

Some teeth whitening products have the American Dental Association seal on them. If you’re just not sure about which product to buy, keep an eye out for this to be more comfortable with the product you select.

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